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About Arts In Education

Arts in Education

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Arts and Music in the Afternoon (AM/PM)
The Arts and Music in the Afternoon program (AM/PM) is a unique afterschool enrichment program where students have the opportunity to grow academically and gain exposure to the cultural arts through literacy instruction and fine arts activities delivered by a highly skilled cohort of professional Teaching Artists. Students in AM/PM currently have access to the following sponsored activities: Marching Band, Dance, Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Film, Photography, Foreign Language, and Media Technology.

AM/PM has been designated as a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grantee.

AM/PM currently serves over 700 students at five New Orleans school sites.

The Vision
The vision of AM/PM is based on the premise that children will achieve in a safe, caring, and supportive environment, when goals are set with high expectations, and the adults that care for them are committed to their academic and social development.

AM/PM Goals Overview
It is the aim of AM/PM to present middle and high school students with rich developmental opportunities to aid in their academic, social, and emotional cultivation. AMPM’s focus is directly linked to our instructors being dedicated to the realization of 5 measurable goals:

  • Participants in the program will demonstrate increased academic achievement in reading and mathematics.
  • Participants will demonstrate improved social skills and class participation/homework completion in other subject areas.
  • Participants will demonstrate positive behavioral changes (i.e. attendance, decrease in disciplinary actions, respectfulness, and a decrease in other adverse behaviors).
  • AM/PM will provide services that benefit the entire community including families, as well as collaborating with other agencies and non-profit organizations.
  • AM/PM will aid in increasing students’ knowledge, participation, and skill in the arts. Participants in the program will improve their skill in one artistic discipline per semester session.