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JAZZ IN THE PARK Treme Crab Festival featuring Michael Franks, Roy Ayers and Stephanie Jordan will be in Congo Square!

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Crab tacos, crab gumbo, crab cakes, crab dip and boiled crabs are among the dishes on the menu at this weekend's Jazz in the Park Treme Crab Fest in Armstrong Park.

The festival, which runs Thursday (March 30) through Sunday, with a ticketed concert on Friday evening, serves as the kick-off for the Jazz in the Park 2017 spring concert series. On Thursday, Saturday and Sunday the festival is free.

"I knew when we booked Michael Franks and Roy Ayers that we were going to have a great year," Emanuel Lain Jr., executive director of People United for Armstrong Park, said of the Friday afternoon concert, which opens at 4 p.m. with Stephanie Jordan, followed by Franks and Ayers. Ticket sales have been brisk, he said. ( article by Ann Malony).

A portion of the money raised from the four-day festival will go to Covenant House's Sleep to Support Homeless Youth campaign and to help pay for the regular concert series, which runs Fridays, expect April 6, through June 1, according to festival organizers.
In 2016, Jazz in the Park expanded its opening spring festival to three days, focusing on music and art. This year, the organizers decided to add food to the opening event.
"With the proliferation of food festivals, we decide to throw our hat in the ring, so we added crab to our festival," Lain said. "This was a smart decision because New Orleanians have a love affair with crab."
Some of the dishes to expect at the festival include:
  • Rosa Cocina's crab tacos, quesadillas and nachos.
  • Voleo's Seafood Restaurant's crabmeat boudin and crawfish rolls.
  • Coolfruit Sensation's crab dip as well as the company's fresh fruit drinks.
  • Praline Connection's crab gumbo, wings, red beans and greens.
  • Louisiana Direct Seafood's boiled crabs as well as fried shrimp and oysters.
  • Creole Sneaux's fried fish with crab sauce.
  • Karen Bell's crab cakes, lump crab spinach and crab bisque.
  • Mrs. Ackers Meals on Wheels' crab and shrimp salad, crawfish nachos, seafood yaka mein.
  • Anthony Mercadel's roasted corn, hot dogs and smoked turkey legs.
The crab-centric festival comes a little more than a week after the month-long crabbing ban was lifted in Gulf waters. The ban ran Feb. 20 through March 21.
Stop by Jazz in the Park's merchandise booth to get the official Spring 2017 poster or tshirt. 
 Jazz in the Park proudly serves Budweiser the King of Beers.