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New Orleans South Africa Connection (NOSACONN). Welcome to BEMA.

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BEMA Network Members (All):

Our association foundation was conceived and based on the devastation to our community in New Orleans following the aftermath Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Our reason for being was not only to promote and network homeland security & emergency management professionals in the U.S., but to ensure that our communities were involved as stakeholders to ensure their involvement in all phases of the principles of emergency management (planning, preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation) that would lead to a systems approach to strategic sustainability and community resiliency building.

In important aspect of that approach to sustainability and resiliency building would involve ‘grass root’ neighborhood organizations taking a lead active role in establishing a framework for their involvement for all stakeholders within their ‘whole community’ to be involved. From K12 level students, colleges and universities in their community, nonprofit, faith-based organizations, the homeless, ex-offenders, private industry, local governments. Each being members of the ‘whole community’ to get involved. 

For communities to understand the process flow of response to disasters at both the local, federal level when a Presidential Disaster Declaration is declared, and the financial and other opportunities (temp jobs, debris removal, etc. ) available to rebuild their community and prepare for the future.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Mr. Damon J. Baptist President\Founder of the New Orleans South Africa Connection, Inc. (NOSACONN) as Lifetime\Affiliate\Nonprofit members of BEMA. NOSACONN is a 501(c )(3) not-for-profit organization promoting music, art, culture, film, trade, and arts education for economic development and tourism between the U.S. and Africa.

Damon and I have had many discussion on the progress, rebuilding, migration, and community growth since the 2005 hurricane, and especially community involvement in 2015 10th remembrances of this disaster to the communities of New Orleans.

I am looking forward to joining Damon, city officials, major foundations, local organizations, and others in New Orleans Saturday, August 29th for community events, and joining in discussions on accelerating community involvement in resiliency building.

Please feel free to contact Damon, and NOSACONN for your continued support. Contact information is available in the attached brochures on NOSACONN.


Charles D. Sharp